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Creamer Potato Cakes12
truffle dip, snipped chives, cracked pepper
Pan Seared Scallops*20
parsnip and horseradish puree, roasted seaweed coulis, pickled beech mushroom, flying fish roe, sea grass, squid ink tuile
Truffle Tremor and Prosciutto*17
burnt lavender honey, rosemary rustiq, castelvetrano olives, mint and basil
Bone Marrow*18
mushrooms, madeira, parsley, grilled sourdough baguette
Grilled Baby Lamb Chops*16
sweet onion-chorizo-potato hash, smoked paprika


Roasted Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup13
crispy lentils and pepitas, pumpkin seed oil, coconut cream
Figs and Bay Bleu Cheese15
baby kale, endive, candied pecans, maple vinaigrette
Autumn Apple Salad15
butter lettuce, lola rosa, poached granny smith apples, sweet and salty roasted peanuts, apple crisp, caramel vinaigrette
Baby Beets Salad16
arugula, frisee, goat cheese crema, beet soil, pistachios, beet top marmalade
bleu cheese crème fraîche, lardons, candied walnuts, herb marinated tomato, pickled red onion, house-made green goddess


6oz Petite Filet*40
chive mashed potatoes, asparagus, toasted hazelnut gremolata, crispy prosciutto, red wine demi
6oz Bone-In Chicken Breast*22
chive mashed potatoes, confit rainbow carrot, sage, brown butter, spiced carrot crumble, olive oil
6oz Sustainable Raised Salmon*32
chive mashed potatoes, rainbow cauliflower and celery root, cranberries, orange-ginger vinaigrette, white wine butter sauce
8oz Prime New York*34
chive mashed potatoes, asparagus, toasted hazelnut gremolata, crispy prosciutto, red wine demi
16oz Kurobuta Pork Chop*68
carrot puree, confit parsnips, calvados infused golden raisins and cranberries, apple butter, pickled mustard seeds, calvados sauce
truffle aioli, arugula, muenster, port onion jam, house cut fries, jalapeño dip

Add Ons

Organic Chive Mashed Potatoes8
sour cream
Rainbow Cauliflower and Celery Root8
cranberries, ginger vinaigrette
Grilled Asparagus*9
toasted hazelnut gremolata, crispy prosciutto
Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper House Cut Fries8
jalapeño dipping sauce
Confit Carrots8
sage, brown butter, spiced carrot crumble